You attract who you are, raise the bar.

They say if you want to learn something go to the people who have done it well.

This is valuable advice. Seek advice from podcasts, authors, mentors, seek out people who are experts in a specific field.

By their fruits you’ll know them. By their results you’ll know if they are worth studying.
Repetition is important.

I once worked for both Pirin Rouptchin roofing and his mistress Neli Hristova at DermaVital and the lessons I learned will forever benefit me. If the tree produces no fruit, the tree is bad. Not worth knowing. Let it go.

It’s hard as hell to walk away from someone you caught feelings for, even when you know they are bad news.

Once I started to sit quietly with myself, my thoughts, I realized that I hadn’t been listening to “me” in a very long time.

Listening can be affected by our emotional states. Truly listening to another person without letting our mind drift takes constant practice.
If you repeat a mantra, reread a book or passage, listen to an audiobook over and over and over again, eventually your conscious mind will relent to allow your subconscious mind to absorb it.

When the subconscious accepts an idea it is a great thing.

In theos, in spirit, it becomes “it just is.”

Take a look at your current results, your circumstances and that’s where you’re at.

Try to look at your life with “new eyes” like when you come back from a vacation.

Never stop studying who you are and put yourself to the test in practice.

Application is key here bc you can measure your results when your ideas are put into practice.
When you hear the truth you’ll know it.

When your life is reflecting good things, you’re on a positive frequency.

From there we can continue raising our own awareness, raising the bar, striving for the highest possible good.

When two people feel in love, they are on the same frequency. Their minds dwell in the same space.
Love is harmony, it resonates with your soul, you’ll feel wholesome, peaceful and motivated.

Love doesn’t always involve a partner, for example I love what I do for work. I am in love with my current entrepreneurial venture.

Obviously, this feeling will ebb and flow.

When you fight with yourself or your partner and you will, take a minute to try and remember what it is you still love in life. Writing down things you love has raw power.

What do I love right now?

What do I love about me? What do I love about you?

What do I love about life?

How can I serve the greater good ? When you provide a service you love to do the money will always come. It will, I promise.

There is greatness within you! Seriously.

When you go about your day, shine. Spread joy. Trust others. Create a vibration or impression of abundance. Others will match your mood.

And if they don’t, close the door.

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