Go get em tiger (s) !

Mark from DraftBeerPro , DP from MicroDosingMD and 🌊 OceanOnlyTarot

So proud of you dudes for having the cajones to start your entrepreneurial ventures ! All of which will be wildly successful


I never knew this but draft beer lines and taps need to be cleaned every 2 weeks, 4 weeks max.

Or they get mighty yeasty, gnarly moldy, affecting draft beer taste and customer health.

*some bars dont clean their draught beer lines, Im not going to name names but come on guys call Mark at 403 333 8261 *

Anywho, k so there is a whole industry called Dispensers who :

1) Go to secondary school to become a licensed Dispenser
2) Clean, sanitize, maintain draft beer lines

3) Do liquor inventory with this cool Scorpio gun that tells the bar owner the exact amount of liquor that was poured

4) Install full home bars – making man cave dreams into reality

5) Dispensers work or are on call virtually 24/7

Im going to promote Mark’s business now bc him and his father have been serving Calgary for well over 25 years at the lowest price beer line cleaning, draught beer tap maintenance / sanitization, draught faucet cleaning, liquor inventory management matched with 24/7 customer service.

They are great guys and they work really *really* hard. Certified Dispense Specialists have been servicing the Alberta bar service industry for over 25 years. With 24/7 service calls, they are a local family run business that you can count on for clean beer lines, taps,faucets,fobs, draft beer line service repairs, liquor counting services, home bar installations, growler systems and so much more.

Mark Lalonde is second to none.

PS: Mark is also single YYC ladies !


OK! Lets talk hallucigens!

MicroDosingMD | Free 30 day supply of microdose magic mushrooms online right now .

Delivered to your door step.


Fast Delivery. Quality Guarantee

Grown by a spectacular, knowledgeable grower who I can vouch his intense dedication and professionalism is second to none, all products are grown locally in Alberta and distributed across Canada.

Did you know psilocybin has been kicking ass and taking names VS Prozac’s and various big pharma SSRI’s ?
A 3 year prozac prescription is less effective than one single monthly dose of microdose psilocybin mushrooms.

Crazy Eh?

If you have depression, ptsd, anxiety, high unmanaged blood pressure, a short temper, tight muscles, a feeling of hopelessness or disconnect from yourself and others- let’s talk magic mushroom microdosing

Psilocybin is proven to repair and reconnect brain neurotransmitters , increase serotonin, unlock creative potential, reset brain chemicals, help the brain connect with the true self, increase patience and understanding, understand your place in the world and how the world around us actually is, reduce erectile disorder, cure depression and eliminate anxiety. -I want to see life from the infinite potential, from the eyes of a child again-

Studies have shown time and time again magic mushrooms aka psiclobyn in micro or macro doses have undisputed mental health benefits.

If you’re ready to unlock your potential and see how Microdosing can change your life and restore your sanity click here.

Remember a micro dose is a very small amount of medicinal mushrooms, so you will be able to function normally.

Microdosing takes about 21 days (1 capsule a day) to begin to notice the scientifically proven mental and physical benefits.

To order microdose mushrooms delivered to your door right now visit the absolute unquestioned pros that I admire greatly at http://www.zenhead.ca

If you like beer as much as I do visit Marky Mark at www.DraftBeerPro.com

http://@oceanonly If you like tarot card readings by a somewhat British sounding man, who is competent, I recommend visiting @OceanOnly

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