This Time Last Year – 2021

I couldn’t see how abundant life would be around the corner.

A year from now we’ll be in our new house in Arizona.

A year from now my sons will be young men.

A year from now I’ll still have no regrets.

A year from now I’ll still be in love with life.

A year from now. What dreams may come.

A year from then I went through hell but I came out with my best friend.

Right down the line.
I’ll love you forever

Only you can see
The changes that I’ve been through
The last boy, he left a mark on me
But you’ve been as constant as a Northern Star
The brightest light that shines
It’s been you,
Right down the line

Cause you believed in me through my darkest night
Put somethin’ better inside of me
You brought me into the light
Threw away all those crazy dreams
I put them all behind
And it was you,
Right down the line
If I should doubt myself
If I’m losing ground
I won’t turn to someone else
They’d only let me down
When I wanted you to share my life
I had no doubt in my mind
And it’s been you
Right down the line

-Gerald Rafferty

Published by TheGoodEffect

Lust for Life

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