I’m going for a walk (not the after dinner kind)

I’ll walk till I figure this out . I’m like a fukin kitty cat pacing restlessly in a cage.

Being a young mom is hard but responsiblility is good.

To me ( and I could be wrong which would not be shocking to anyone) but good things seem to come from hard work and max responsibility.

It ain’t like TikTok, no immediate gratification. Butttt … it is possible to motivate yourself to put in work, for your future self.

Taking on extreme responsibility and doing your best well it isn’t an instant dopamine hit to say the least.

like Fuk

That pain of all of us 30 somethings, in a basement, a hotel, some semblance of marriage or normalcy lol who are we kidding.

that pain is real. I feel for us.
Men especially they been shamed, into some weird white picket fence obedience or defiance.

As my kiddos get older, the house gets quieter and it’s a scary thing quite frankly.

I am alone with my old self.
Lauren Ryckman version 2003- 2010

had kids at 22.

Before that – Ran away at 17 and got engaged to the Armenian mafia. Check.

Then they all went to jail so I Ran away and married a Turkish guy. Check.

Got deported. Checkitycheck.

single mom of two before 28 check.

Still killing it? Half check.

This probably won’t get weird or unconventional or anything. But guys I think we will be ok. Just refrain from being “woke.” and Don’t take yourself too seriously.


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