Rocky Balboa & Zen Habits

A Self-Sufficient Mind BY LEO BABAUTA In a quiet room, we can find stillness. And in that stillness, we can contemplate our own mind. What we often find is that the mind is very restless. It wants to take care of a thousand things, because it’s feeling some uncertainty and fear. It wants to fix problems,Continue reading “Rocky Balboa & Zen Habits”

A state of constant discomfort

My life has been a mostly self induced whirlwind. As I gain wisdom I understand the importance of the delicate balance between chaos and complexity. When I was young I despised routine and comfort. Though my parents are very disciplined creatures of habit, I wanted to explore the other side. I had questions. So I setContinue reading “A state of constant discomfort”

Down the Rabbit Hole

As the hours ticked away, my research into; barometric pressure, vitamin deficiencies, my rh negative blood type, Eastern and Western philosophies, Ascension to name a few… was surprisingly wielding few answers. Someone, anyone please tell me I am not in fact in charge of my own destiny, that I’m not responsible for creating this.